Nature’sPlus Playground Surface

Our Nature’sPlus playground surface is safe, accessible, and long-lasting, so the fun never stops! 

Nature’sPlus playground surface is an engineered wood fiber (EWF) that delivers a high-quality surface specific to the needs of playgrounds. An engineered wood fiber playground accounts for the safety and accessibility of all visitors, including the knitted layering to allow wheelchair access and softness to decrease fall impact.

Nature’sPlus elevates playground surfaces by using a single species, the Tamarack tree, to create the engineered wood fiber playground chips. The Tamarack tree is naturally resistant to water, mold, and decay which expands the lifespan of the playground surface.

The production of Nature’sPlus playground surface is carefully controlled in order to guarantee its long-lasting and natural appearance. When manufactured, all the bark, twigs, and leaves of the Tamarack tree are removed so only the stem wood is used in the production of the engineered wood fiber playground chips which allows a clean and bright product. Each step, from harvesting to processing to delivery, the Nature’sPlus material is thoroughly regulated to ensure your playground has a durable, safe, and appealing surface.

Nature’sPlus passes ASTM 1292 for Attenuation and ASTM 1951 for ADA Accessibility.