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The Belt Swing Seat is uniquely crafted with numerous safety features to protect the safety of children. SafetyFirst uses their new innovation of a single steel insert encased in EPDM rubber and rust-resistant welded triangular hardware to build the seats. SafetyFirst’s unique design provides significantly higher safety standards, including the prevention of children being cut if the rubber is ever torn off, and durability, including crack and deterioration-resistance.

Tot swing seat details:
Dimensions of the seat: 24” x 6” x 5/16” or 30 1/4” hanger to hanger
Lifespan: 2 years in harsh conditions and up to 5 years in optimal conditions
Tensile strength: 5300 lbs.

Benefits of EPDM synthetic rubber:
Prevents crazing, cracking, and oxidizing
Inhibits moisture from getting into the seat which prevents deterioration
Does not transfer rubber marks onto children’s clothes
Holds up in extreme temperatures, both very hot and very cold
70 duro rubber hardness
Ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer (EPDM)

One-piece steel insert details:
Greatly increases the strength of the seat
1075 rounded edge steel insert
Painted with a non-rusting adhesive
Coated with rubber that is from 1/4” to 3/8” thick

Welded triangles details:
Individually welds each triangle together so they cannot be pulled apart or pulled off the seat
Constructed of 3/8” dia. cold rolled steel with the ends welded together
Plate is 1/16” thick h.r. stamped galvanized steel
Rivets used to rivet the plate through the EPDM rubber and steel insert are made of 1/4” diameter steel
Three rivets on each side of the seat

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Weight4.2 lbs
Dimensions31 × 6 × 1 in

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