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History Behind SafetyFirst

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is a family-owned company founded by Bob Clarin in 2008. Since then, our operation has been providing communities with safe, appealing, and enjoyable playgrounds throughout the Midwest. SafetyFirst offers a wide range of services to enable comprehensive playground enhancements at each stage, from designing and planning to installing and maintaining to improving and repairing.

SafetyFirst has transformed the world of playgrounds. We have developed a unique engineered wood fiber surfacing, Nature’sPlus, using 100% local Tamarack trees that are naturally resistant to mold and decay. We pride ourselves as being involved in Minnesota’s wood industry for four generations and hold a personal commitment to sharing and sustaining Minnesota’s greatest renewable resource. Our response time to clients is unmatched, from small fixes to large projects, we treat each client with dedicated attention and care. At SafetyFirst, we continue to revolutionize the playground world so our clients always receive the best results.

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is a business member of the Minnesota Association of School Maintenance Supervisors and the Minnesota Recreation and Parks Association.

Learn how SafetyFirst’s commitment to our clients enriches itself in our playground services

Marissa Bauer

Marissa Bauer, Owner and President of SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance, bought the company in 2020 from her father, Bob Clarin, to continue on the family-owned business. While Marissa started her career as a pharmacist, she was involved in SafetyFirst since the beginning conceptualization of the company. She began as a consultant helping with tradeshows and marketing. In 2015, she began working as a part-time employee which quickly turned into a full-time Administrative and Sales Manager in 2016, all while continuing her career as a pharmacist.

In early 2018, Marissa hung up her white coat and moved her family to Princeton, MN committing fully to SafetyFirst. On January 1st, 2019, Marissa was appointed President of SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance and would go on to purchase the company in 2020. As an entrepreneur at heart, Marissa continues to reimagine the world of playgrounds by advancing SafetyFirst’s achievements and influence.

Marissa leads SafetyFirst with the focus on providing exceptional customer service built through personal commitment, cost-effective solutions that ensure long-term results, and continuing to fulfill SafetyFirst’s mission to provide schools and communities with safer, more enjoyable playgrounds. She enjoys the opportunity to solve new problems every day that will make a positive impact on her clients.

When Marissa isn’t busy with the hustle of her family’s business, she enjoys being a mom to her son, Remington, two basset hounds, Thatcher and Duke, and wife to Spencer. In addition, she volunteers for the Minnesota Basset Rescue. Her passions include basset hounds, old homes, and antiquing in Texas.

Bob Clarin

Bob Clarin founded SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance in 2010, after the initial conceptualization in 2008, in order to improve the quality and safety of playground surfacing in playgrounds across Minnesota. Bob lead the growth and development of SafetyFirst by building relationships with clients through personal diligence and trustworthy workmanship. In 2020, Bob’s daughter, Marissa Bauer, purchased the company to uphold the family business.

Bob was actively involved in the wood and wood fiber business inspiring the innovative solutions that SafetyFirst provides. Bob worked with MN DOT and the University of Minnesota in developing various wood products. He was a member of the Minnesota Association of School Maintenance Supervisors (MASMS) and the Minnesota Recreation and Parks Association (MRPA). Bob established SafetyFirst as a dependable partner in the playground industry through notable expertise and involvement in the field which continues to be a prevalent and distinctive value of SafetyFirst.