Experienced Playground Moving Company

When schools expand their building, add a bus loop, or other large builds, the new projects will often take over the playground site. Instead of tossing the equipment and buying a new playground for the new site, we can relocate the playground equipment without purchasing all new parts.

Moving playground equipment from one location to another is not a common service offered in the industry. As a playground moving company, we believe that allowing school districts to reuse their existing equipment not only saves them money, it also preserves the community’s attachment to the playground. And it offers schools a sustainable option.

Cost-Friendly Option for Moving Playground Equipment

Our playground relocation services cost 50% to 60% of a new playground! When working with playground vendors, they often encourage you to discard existing equipment in hopes you purchase new products. As a service-based playground company, we partner with schools, architects, and engineers to determine how to reuse the playground equipment and ultimately save money.

Benefits of Our Playground Relocation Service

Damage-Free Playground Removal and Installation

We carefully remove, transport, and install all your playground equipment. As experienced playground movers, we use extra precautions to ensure every piece and part isn’t damaged during the relocation process.

Assess and Repair Existing Playground Equipment

Using our playground maintenance services, we provide recommendations on repairing the reused playground equipment so the new playground site meets safety standards.

Improve Your New Playground Location

SafetyFirst can enhance the new site during the relocation process by installing higher quality playground surfacing and adding ADA inclusive equipment and features.

Store Existing Playground Equipment

If the new location is not ready for the relocated playground equipment, we can store the disassembled equipment until it is ready for installation.

Midwest Playground Removal Near You

We are your partner for executing simple to complex relocation projects for school districts and early childhood schools needing to relocate their playgrounds or architects and engineers planning the project. Our team will help you determine if your playground should be relocated and help plan the project from start to finish. We serve school districts and architects across the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Our Playground Relocation Process

1. Playground assessment

Evaluate the existing playground equipment to determine which equipment should be relocated, what needs to be repaired, or if some equipment is better replaced.

2. Plan the relocation project

Our playground experts will plan the new playground using the reused equipment and sourcing new parts. For school districts with multiple playgrounds, we maintain equity across your schools.

3. Disassemble and move the equipment

Our team will carefully disassemble the existing playground, leaving the site ready for construction, and move the playground equipment to the new site. If needed, we will store the equipment.

4. Install the playground

We assemble and install the new playground using the reused and new equipment, parts, and surfacing while improving the safety and appearance standards of the original playground.

5. Follow up inspection

After the installation, we will conduct a check-up to ensure the playground meets expectations and your school has a maintenance plan in place.

The Environmentally-Friendly Option

Previously, school districts were cornered – you had no other choice but to throw out playground equipment when a building expansion conflicted with the existing site. Our playground relocation services give school districts the environmentally-friendly option they want. As a playground moving company for almost 15 years, we have reused and moved countless playground equipment for a sustainable alternative that saves money.

Playground Relocation FAQs

Is it cost-effective to relocate my playground?

Yes! On average, a playground relocation costs 50% to 60% of a new playground.

When should I contact you if we need to relocate our playground equipment?

Our team will manage your playground relocation from start to finish, so it is best to contact us as soon as you think the project will require moving a playground. We also help you determine if you should or shouldn’t consider relocating your playground based on the remaining lifespan of your equipment.

Will you install a playground that has already been removed?

Following our process, we blueprint your playground before removing it to understand its current structure and condition to streamline the installation process. If we cannot perform the initial assessment, the reassembly process is more time-consuming and labor-intensive, causing the price to increase. For turnkey and cost-friendly playground relocation services, we recommend working with our team from the beginning.

Can you make my playground look newer during the relocation process?

In conjunction with relocating your playground, we repair the playground equipment and surfacing to look new when installed. This includes a fresh coat of paint or repairing worn equipment, if desired.

Does your school’s project conflict with your existing playground location?

I have been using SafetyFirst surfacing material in my district’s playgrounds for several years now. We have been very impressed with the quality and impact attenuation of this product. I would highly recommend it for any organization looking for a quality, long lasting product for their playground surfacing needs.

Facilities and Safety Coordinator
Eden Prairie Schools, ISD 272

In my nearly 30 years of facility management, SafetyFirst is the finest playground service company I have worked with, Bob Clarin, president of SafetyFirst was always available and was on site daily. From the simplest repair, a missing bolt to a complete rebuild including drainage and play structure relocation, SafetyFirst completed the work well and on time.

Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Roseville Schools, ISD 623

I would like to express my satisfaction with the wood chips and mats that we have purchased from SafetyFirst. The chips bind together well to make a nice playground surface with the fall protection we need. Bob has always had the materials delivered on a timely basis and is very pleasant to work with. I am sure we will be doing more business Bob and SafetyFirst in the future.

Parks and Forestry Superintendent
City of Brookings, SD