Heavy-Duty Geotextile Fabric

Install our geotextile drainage fabric for a tear and mildew-resistant underlayment layer that improves drainage and reduces maintenance.

SafetyFirst’s heavy duty geotextile fabric comes in rolls of 12’ by 300’ for a total of 3,600 ft2, compared to traditional 4’ wide rolls, for a significantly more cost-effective and quicker to install option.

This product can be delivered on the same truck as your Nature’sPlus engineered wood fiber order for no extra freight charge.

Additional freight charges may apply – you will be contacted by SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance



What is geotextile fabric?

Geotextile drainage fabric is used when building containment areas, the underground drainage system of playgrounds. The geotextile fabric is the underlayment layer separating the drainage base and top surfacing. It is a key component for maintaining the functionality and longevity of a playground.

Our tear-resistant geotextile drainage fabric is 2x stronger than most fabrics and our rolls are 12 feet by 300 feet for a total of 3600 square feet of playground coverage. While most geotextile landscape fabric comes in rolls around 4 feet wide, we offer a significantly more cost-effective and conducive solution.

Benefits of using our heavy duty geotextile drainage fabric:

  • Improves your playgrounds drainage to reduce water pooling and damage
  • Significantly limits the top layer surfacing from mixing with the drainage base
  • Reduces surfacing mold and mildew
  • Prevents weeds from growing
  • Maintains the appearance of the playground surfacing
  • Decreases the need for continual surfacing maintenance
  • Provides long-lasting drainage capabilities