Playground Consulting

We understand the details of playgrounds so you can receive exceptional solutions

Playgrounds Are Our Niche

Playgrounds are SafetyFirst’s world, we understand every detail and consideration that goes into designing, installing, and maintaining a playground. We provide expert consultation to guarantee your playground is planned correctly so you don’t spend extra money and time rebuilding or improving down the road. Our team can help consult at any step of your playground, from designing the initial project to improving an existing playground. We excel at evaluating and solving your playground issues, such as safety concerns or overbearing maintenance, using experienced insight. Furthermore, SafetyFirst provides guidance for large architectural projects and how the playground fits into the full plan offering a conclusive budget.

SafetyFirst’s Consulting Benefits

  • Consult before and after- Our playground services offer solutions both before and after a playground is installed
  • Assist with budgeting- Our recommendations account for your budget and resources to create personalized action plans
  • Build long-term relationships- SafetyFirst strives to create partnerships as your dependable playground expert through responsive and high-touch customer service

SafetyFirst Consulting Examples

  • Offer ADA compliant playground surfaces and equipment
  • Pass playground safety inspection
  • Improve playground maintenance time and effort
  • Relocate existing playground
  • Renew playground surfacing
  • Expand the playground area

Solve your playground issue correctly and create your playground design precisely the first time around with SafetyFirst.

What People Are Saying About Us

I have been using SafetyFirst surfacing material in my district’s playgrounds for several years now. We have been very impressed with the quality and impact attenuation of this product. I would highly recommend it for any organization looking for a quality, long lasting product for their playground surfacing needs.

Facilities and Safety Coordinator
Eden Prairie Schools, ISD 272

In my nearly 30 years of facility management, SafetyFirst is the finest playground service company I have worked with, Bob Clarin, president of SafetyFirst was always available and was on site daily. From the simplest repair, a missing bolt to a complete rebuild including drainage and play structure relocation, SafetyFirst completed the work well and on time.

Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Roseville Schools, ISD 623

I would like to express my satisfaction with the wood chips and mats that we have purchased from SafetyFirst. The chips bind together well to make a nice playground surface with the fall protection we need. Bob has always had the materials delivered on a timely basis and is very pleasant to work with. I am sure we will be doing more business Bob and SafetyFirst in the future.

Parks and Forestry Superintendent
City of Brookings, SD