Learn what SafetyFirst can do to breathe new life into your playground.


Keep your playgrounds beautiful and safe year after year! SafetyFirst can develop and implement a customized and comprehensive playground safety and maintenance program that fits the needs of your playgrounds.

Crumb Rubber Removal

Why consider removing crumb rubber from your playgrounds?

  • Many parent organizations calling for schools and cities to remove it from local playgrounds.
  • According to the EPA, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogens have been found in rubber tires.
  • Studies have found that, when heated, crumb rubber can emit volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, into the air.

Choose Nature’sPlus to replace your crumb rubber.

  • Chain of custody from the forest to your playground, providing you with a cleaner, safer and cost effective surfacing option.
  • Made of 100% tamarack, which is naturally resistant to mold and decay.
  • A beautiful, bright, and long lasting playground surface.
  • ASTM compliant, ADA Accessible

Rubber mulch made from shredded tires has been under increasing scrutiny by parent organizations in recent years with many parents calling for schools and cities to remove rubber mulch from local playgrounds. In February 2016 the EPA, CDC/ATSDR and CPSC launched a multi-agency research action plan on recycled tire crumb used on playgrounds and playing fields.

Our process starts by removing the crumb rubber and using permitted transport to haul the material the recycling facility. We will then provide you with a chain of custody certificate, for proper tracking of the material. Last, we will install Nature’sPlus, our 100% tamarack engineered wood fiber, leaving you with a cleaner, safer, more beautiful playground!


Playground relocation is a unique service provided by SafetyFirst. Sometimes, a playground may no longer be located in the most accessible or convenient space. Instead of starting over with new equipment, we can relocate your existing playground by disassembling, removing and leveling the old surface and excavating your new playground area. We create a new playground foundation from the ground up then inspect, repair and reassemble your existing equipment in the new location. Your playground will be completely ready for children in its new location and the old location will be prepared for its next purpose.


Broken and damaged playground equipment is an unappealing accessory, liability and hazard in your community’s landscape and, more importantly, a safety hazard to your children. SafetyFirst can perform a complete playground safety inspection, then clean, repair and replace playground equipment to ASTM and ADA specifications. SafetyFirst will also evaluate all your safety surfacing using our ST Impact Ball to predict the risk of head injuries due to falls and make modifications in surfacing as needed to keep children safe.


SafetyFirst also offers playground expansions, when you playground is in the right location and already in good shape. Expansions are a great option for communities that would like to add excitement to their playground without starting over. SafetyFirst is able to offer a wide range of events and can modify your containment area to accommodate new events

In-Ground Containment Areas

SafetyFirst offers a unique, low maintenance containment area. Our containment areas begin by excavating your playground area, installing drain tile, pea rock, fabric liner and in ground timber borders. We top this with Nature’sPlus Safety Surfacing. Our containment area reduce issues with standing water, allows mowers to cut grass right up to the border without the need for trimming, and reduces border wear. Our in ground containment areas also naturally look neat and clean.