Merry-Go-Round Mat

Our round rubber mats are uniquely designed for outdoor merry-go-rounds to reduce surfacing displacement and improve playground safety.

The merry-go-round safety mats are made from SafetyFirst’s ImpactMats, a durable and heavy rubber that will stay in place no matter how much it is used. Keep the children safe while decreasing maintenance time and costs.

Our merry-go-mats are only available for delivery in WI, MN, IA, ND, and SD.

We offer a 10-year warranty on our merry-go-round mats.

Additional freight charges may apply – you will be contacted by SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance

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Benefits of SafetyFirst’s playground merry-go-round safety mats:

  • Maintains minimum surfacing depth requirements to meet safety standards
  • Reduces surfacing displacement under outdoor merry-go-rounds
  • Decreases the need for maintenance such as raking and mat placement
  • Reduces the risk of divots that collect water and mud under high-traffic areas

Traditional round rubber mats for outdoor merry-go-rounds are commonly made from thin and lighter rubber. This causes the outdoor safety mats for playgrounds to quickly become worn due to high traffic use and easily shift and move around. Our merry-go-round safety mats are made from SafetyFirst’s uniquely designed, 100% recycled rubber ImpactMats. We use a double-layer, dense rubber that weighs considerably more than traditional playground mats, to support high traffic use by maintaining its structure and remaining under merry-go-rounds.

When rubber mats for play areas become worn or move around, it displaces the surfacing forming pits under the event. Since our outdoor merry-go-round mats don’t move, it protects the surfacing to ensure it never drops below minimum depth requirements. The round rubber mats also remove the risk of swampy or potentially hazardous holes. Since surfacing is not being displaced, you or your maintenance team don’t need to continually rake the surfacing.

SafetyFirst’s merry-go-round safety mats are ASTM 1292 compliant when used with 9 inches of Nature’sPlus surfacing, our engineered wood fiber.

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