Park and School Playground Safety Checklist

To keep your playgrounds safe, it’s critical for your school or park to conduct regular maintenance inspections. The playground assessment checklist provides a comprehensive list of what your evaluation needs to cover.

We recommend conducting a thorough playground assessment during the spring so you have time to order parts and make repairs during the summer before the school year begins. Bring the checklist to your next playground assessment and follow the list for a thorough evaluation.

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Every year in the United States, emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries, according to the CDC.

How to Make a Playground Safe for Schools and Parks

The playground assessment checklist covers the four essential areas to make a commercial playground safe. These include surfacing, events, decking, and hardware and parts.


Your playground surfacing provides a safe and inclusive place for children to play while reducing ongoing maintenance. Surfacing maintenance includes evaluating mats, pathways, and more.


The main playground system and freestanding events are highly trafficked areas making it important to examine for broken parts or signs of wear and tear.


Decking is the different platforms across your playground and must provide a reliable place for playing and accessibility. Examples of decking include walkways, transitions, or bridges.

Hardware & Parts

Playground hardware, such as attachment parts or chains, requires regular tightening and replacement to maintain secure events, decking, and other playground equipment.

Time to Start Your Playground Assessment

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is a full-service playground partner for school districts and parks and municipalities. We help communities across the Midwest and beyond maintain safe, beautiful, and accessible playgrounds for their children and students.

Once you complete your playground assessment checklist, you can order replacement parts at our online store or contact us to manage the repairs.

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