Keep Your Commercial Playground Safe and Beautiful

We focus on helping schools and parks across the Midwest provide safe playgrounds for the students and children by reducing playground safety issues. Using our educational, outdoor playground resources below, you’ll learn how to keep your playgrounds safe and looking new while staying within budget.

Playground Wood Chip Calculator

Our engineered wood fiber calculator makes it easy to estimate the amount of playground surfacing you need for your project. Easily know how much Nature’sPlus surfacing to order for your school or park playgrounds.

Download the Playground Assessment Checklist

Assess your playground this year using our comprehensive playground assessment checklist. Download the free checklist, bring it with you during your next evaluation, and follow the list for a thorough assessment.

Blog on Maintenance of Playgrounds

Learn from the playground professionals at SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance by reading our monthly blogs. We provide information and steps on keeping your school’s or park’s playgrounds safe and compliant.

Monthly Playground Resources Delivered Right to You