Ultra Heavy Duty Swing Seat



This patent pending new generation swing is unique to anything now being sold in the playground industry. Stainless steel hangers, KEVLAR and EDPM rubber. It has a Kevlar insert instead of a steel insert. It is cut resistant and stronger and lighter than steel.  Use our stainless steel shackle to connect the swing to the chain.  Swing has been tested to 10,000 pounds tensile strength. Kevlar is not sharp if the seat is worn or vandalized. If you have a high use, high vandalism area, we would recommend this swing seat. Since it will last so long, it will save you costs overall in labor and replacement swings. Since we believe this swing is so much better than any other in the marketplace, we are offering a five year unconditional guarantee for this swing.


Dimensions are 24” x 6” x 5/16”

Additional information

Weight5.3 lbs
Dimensions31 × 6 × 1 in

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