Surface Renewal

Renew playground surfacing and restore your playground’s value

Out With the Old Surfacing and In With the New Surfacing

Deteriorating, moldy, or outdated playground surfacing is not only unappealing but is a hazard to children and a liability to the owner. SafetyFirst can perform a complete playground maintenance assessment, including the evaluation of playground safety products and surfacing, to identify and determine the extent and budget of the renewal project. To renew playground surfacing, SafetyFirst will replace the playground wood chips or rubber mulch with top-quality engineered wood fiber, Nature’sPlus. 

When is it time to renew your playground surfacing?

Below are the common signs that it’s time to renew your current surfacing and replace it with a refreshed and updated option.

  • Is there mold in your wood chips?
  • Are your wood chips decomposing or showing signs of deterioration?
  • Does your playground have non-compliant surfacing such as sand or pea rock?
  • Are you experiencing water pooling?

Benefits of Renewing Your Playground Surfacing

Surfacing renewal is essential to maintain the quality and longevity of your playground. If your wood chips start deteriorating or become moldy, it not only diminishes the appearance of your playground, it causes compliance and safety issues. Below are a few of the benefits our clients receive by renewing their playground surfacing.

  • Upgrade your playground’s aesthetic to be for more beautiful and appealing
  • Comply with current playground safety standards
  • Comply with current ADA standards for playground inclusivity
  • Improve or fix drainage issues and water pooling

Our Playground Renewal Process

Our SafetyFirst team has had extensive experience renewing playground surfacing of various sizes and conditions. To limit the disruption to your site or playground unavailability, we manage the renewal process from start to finish within a few days for a quick turnaround and stress-free project. Depending on your in-house capabilities, we can work with your team to provide only needed renewal services. 

  1. Remove and dispose of the playground surface material, such as playground rubber mulch or decomposed wood mulch
  2. Excavate the site to provide suitable drainage
  3. Install in-ground containment systems including drain tile, pea rock, and fabric layer
  4. Adding, installing, or replacing the playground border where needed
  5. Top with Nature’sPlus engineered wood fiber surfacing
  6. Place safety mats under high-traffic events to reduce surfacing displacement
  7. Rake and level the entire playground
  8. Clean up the surrounding area

Our attentive process safeguards existing parts so there is no damage to the equipment. Our surfacing renewal services are overseen by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) to ensure safety compliance.

Best Material for Playground Surface Renewal

At SafetyFirst, when we are renewing playground wood chips, we replace the old moldy and deteriorating wood chips with Nature’sPlus surfacing, our uniquely designed engineered wood fiber (EWF). Nature’sPlus is a long-lasting surfacing with the capabilities to withstand hot and humid weather conditions and high traffic without compromising its safety and durability. Why we consider Nature’sPlus the best material for playground surfacing:

  • Made from locally sourced Tamarack trees which are naturally resistant to mold and decay
  • Produced using a meticulous manufacturing process removing all twigs, leaves, dirt, etc. so only the live stem wood is used which removes the risk of early decomposition or cross-contamination
  • Passes ASTM 1292 for Attenuation to meet playground safety standards
  • Passes ASTM 1951 for ADA Accessibility as a compliant ADA playground surface

Is it time to renew your playground surfacing?

What People Are Saying About Us

I have been using SafetyFirst surfacing material in my district’s playgrounds for several years now. We have been very impressed with the quality and impact attenuation of this product. I would highly recommend it for any organization looking for a quality, long lasting product for their playground surfacing needs.

Facilities and Safety Coordinator
Eden Prairie Schools, ISD 272

In my nearly 30 years of facility management, SafetyFirst is the finest playground service company I have worked with, Bob Clarin, president of SafetyFirst was always available and was on site daily. From the simplest repair, a missing bolt to a complete rebuild including drainage and play structure relocation, SafetyFirst completed the work well and on time.

Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Roseville Schools, ISD 623

I would like to express my satisfaction with the wood chips and mats that we have purchased from SafetyFirst. The chips bind together well to make a nice playground surface with the fall protection we need. Bob has always had the materials delivered on a timely basis and is very pleasant to work with. I am sure we will be doing more business Bob and SafetyFirst in the future.

Parks and Forestry Superintendent
City of Brookings, SD