The Project

Wassermann Lake Park is located in the city of Victoria, Minnesota, and is a part of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD). MCWD is responsible for managing and protecting water resources over a 178 square mile stretch from Minneapolis to the western suburbs. 

Wassermann Lake Park was part of a larger park construction project that involved many specialized teams. Since SafetyFirst has unique experience using local resources to build natural and environmentally friendly play areas, we were selected to build the natural outdoor playground consisting of 3 distinct play areas

The Approach

SafetyFirst communicated directly with the architect, engineer, and general contractor to understand the scope of the project and complete the work in a timely and flexible manner. 

Wassermann Lake Park wanted a natural playground made from the on-site trees recently harvested. The project included a natural climbing structure, a tunnel with rock wall access, and a log scramble. The MCWD wanted to reuse as much local material as possible in order to preserve and protect the natural resources that the project was designed to maintain. 

We took the time to truly understand the final picture the engineer and architect had in mind in order to build the envisioned play areas. SafetyFirst was able to use the local trees to carefully fabricate and construct the wood playground equipment. 

During the installation of the climbing play structures, SafetyFirst coordinated with the general contractor to align our work with the overall park project. We were able to transport, assemble, and build the play areas in accordance with the project’s schedule and teams. 

The Outcome

Wassermann Lake Park received a beautiful and natural play area that followed their designs and project timelines. We were able to take their blueprint and create the play equipment and parts that would make it possible. And as experts in playground equipment, we ensured the pieces were compliant with the public playground guidelines.

SafetyFirst’s background with natural playground equipment allowed us to efficiently transform their designs into reality. We used the available material and modified it using a sustainable process that created natural and durable parts. The durable wood materials fit into the natural landscape and will be enjoyed by kids for many years to come.

Since SafetyFirst’s work was a part of the overall park project, we remained flexible to allow the general contractor to easily coordinate all the different teams. We were able to install the play areas on-site in a quick manner that allowed the other teams efficient time to continue with their tasks. Our adaptability allowed the project to stay on schedule by receiving and completing the project within 3 weeks.