The Issue

South Washington County Schools (Independent School District #833) has many school locations ranging from elementary to high school serving communities of Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park, Woodbury, Afton, and more. For having so many schools and covering such a large district, South Washington County Schools needed a partner who could be their single point of contact for all things playground maintenance. 

With more than 18,400 students attending the district schools, the staff and maintenance workers were finding it difficult to navigate many playground vendors to keep up with the large and small repairs. While they wanted to provide an excellent space for play while following playground safety measures, doing so placed strain on administrative and grounds staff.  

The Approach

To begin, the school district provided copies of a recent playground audit performed by a third-party inspection service which conducts annual inspections of all the playgrounds in the school district. Next, one of SafetyFirst’s Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI) conducted an assessment to identify any new playground maintenance issues and determine other equipment that could become a safety issue in the near future.  

Once the assessment was complete, the SafetyFirst team conducted a post-audit round of repairs to fix any flagged issues. Within a month, SafetyFirst was ready to begin repairs on the 17 sites to ensure each complied with safety standards. 

Next, SafetyFirst moved onto their ongoing repair services through their quarterly maintenance programs. Every quarter a Certified Playground Safety Inspector will conduct light hardware tightening and replacement and a playground maintenance assessment to provide a complete report of additional maintenance needs along with the estimate for repairs. Once approved, the SafetyFirst team will visit each site to repair the identified playground safety issues, prioritizing repairs based on the risk of playground injuries to ensure every child is safe and the school is protected. 

The Outcome

The initial audit and repairs allowed each of the 17 sites to meet playground safety standards as administered by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. This safeguarded South Washington County Schools against any liability while providing a safe and enjoyable place for the students to play.

Yet, maintaining a playground is not a one and done service, it requires ongoing assessments and repairs to uphold its quality. With the South Washington County Schools having such a large amount of playground traffic, the quarterly maintenance program the ideal option to support safe playgrounds, relieve pressure on the staff, and receive quick customer service. 

The quarterly inspection is designed to identify and repair playground equipment before it is broken. Our Certified Playground Safety Inspectors are trained to detect wear and tear that could lead to possible playground safety hazards, therefore fixing the equipment or parts before they are broken. This allows South Washington County Schools to stay in compliance because of SafetyFirst’s proactive approach to playground maintenance.

If broken playground equipment is found in-between quarterly audits, the school can simply contact SafetyFirst and the team will quickly handle the issue at no extra service call fee. And with our playground QR stickers, anyone can report an issue, further streamlining each site’s playground maintenance and reducing complaints. 

South Washington County Schools are serving the children in our community, that’s why we are doing our part by caring for their playgrounds, all 17 of them.

Learn more about our quarterly maintenance services and how we can remove the stress of maintaining your school’s playgrounds.